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    Large Diameter High Pressure Alloy Pipe Production Line (the Third Branch Plant)
    The First Production Line
    High Pressure Alloy Steel Pipe
    The Second Production Line
    Hot Rolled Seamless Pipe Production Line
    Test Equipment
    The First Production Line

    Vertical Piercing Mill

    The third branch plant is mainly produce high pressure alloy pipe. There are two production lines and can produce the maximum diameter is 1220mm, thickness is 120mm, length is 12 m.

    Horizontal Type Extruding Machine
    Sizing Mill
    Piping  Produce
    Tel: +086-317-3044584 3025328 3030044 Fax: +086-317-3044584 3030839 3048494
    Add:Wu longtang,061023,Cangzhou city,Hebei province,China